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Devotional - week of April 5, 2015

The following devotional was originally published by David Kuykendall on May 6, 2001. 


John 10:10  I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.

The intention of Jesus is that we have “life.” He says that “life” for believers is His reason for coming to earth.


The abundant life Jesus speaks of is also referred to in Scripture as “eternal life” and “everlasting life.” We should not permit those words to cause us to think that we must wait until we arrive in heaven to experience the “abundant life.” It is available to believers in this life.


But why are many of God’s children not experiencing this fullness of life? Several reasons are obvious. For one thing, many are caught up in the past. The thoughts of some are on their past accomplishments while the thoughts of others are on their disappointments or sins or failures.


More, though, do not experience “life” because their thoughts are consumed with the future. They are waiting for something to happen tomorrow. They plan and work for tomorrow. The result is the inability to “live now.”


A third reason that many do not “live now” is a misunderstanding of how to “live now.” We must understand that the abundant life is through a continual experience of the grace of God.


And we have that continual experience of the grace of God by living out the five imperatives of Romans 6:11-39.