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Pursuit Of The Upward Call

When believers received Jesus as Lord and Savior they are baptized into Jesus. At that moment they are crucified, buried, and resurrected. Resurrection includes being seated with Christ in the heavenlies.
Believers can, in fact, experience crucifixion, burial, and resurrection by obeying the five commands of Romans 6:11-13. Paul had experienced life in the heavenlies.
In Philippians 3:7-14 Paul relates his pursuit of experiencing life continually with Christ in the heavenlies. "The Pursuit of the Upward Call" is an exposition of that passage.

Table of Contents

Part 1 - Defining the Upward Call

  • The Meaning of the Upward Call

Part 2 - The Essentials of the Pursuit

  • Pursuit through Divine Revelation
  • Pursuit through Faith
  • Pursuit through Concentration
  • Pursuit through Experiencing Crucifixion

Part 3 - The Blessing of the Pursuit

  • Living in a Place of Authority
  • Living in a Place of Divine Guidance
  • Living in a Place of Abounding Joyfulness
  • Living in a Place of Increasing Glory
  • Living in a Place of Divine Motivation
  • Living in a Place of Continual Grace
  • Living in a Place of Personal Acquaintance with Jesus Our Lord