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The New Creation Life

The children of God are different because they are a "new creation" and they are a new creation because they are "in Christ." This work is a development of 2 Corinthians 5:17 under the title "The New-Creation Life." It will show why being "in Christ" makes believers different; it will discuss how in some believers there is an increasing difference; it will describe some of the differences.

Table of Contents

Part 1—The Beginning

  • The Creation Event

Part 2—The Infancy

  • The First Days and Months

Part 3—The Growth

Section 1—The Way of Growth

  • Living out the Growth Process

Section 2—Growing in Family Characteristics

  • Growing in Freedom From the Power of Sin
  • Growing in Freedom From Legalism
  • Growing in Freedom to Live as The Bride of Christ
  • Growing in Freedom From the World
  • Growing in experiencing the power of the Holy Spirit
  • Growing in Living in Two Worlds at the Same Time
  • Growing in Freedom to Live for Jesus
  • Growing in Correctly Evaluating Others
  • Growing in Availability to God
  • Growing as Ambassadors for Christ
  • Growing as The Righteousness of God

Part 4—Eternity

  • Perfection
  • The Joyfulness of Judgment Day