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Living By Grace

Living by Grace is about freedom—freedom from legalism, freedom from failure and fruitlessness, freedom from the power of sin in our lives, freedom from worldliness.

Living by Grace is about the power of God at work in our lives—power for victory over sin and failure, power in Christian service, and power for fruitfulness. It is about experiencing the abundant life. It is about being filled with the Holy Spirit.

Most of the 52 chapters in this work were originally written as weekly devotionals for the Living By Grace web site. Consequently, this book can be used as a weekly devotional guide or can be read in one sitting.

Some of the original chapters and chapter titles have been revised. The order of the chapters has been somewhat rearranged.

The first six chapters set forth the theology of living by grace. Chapters seven and eight express how we live by grace. The remaining chapters describe the life of grace and the blessings that result from it.

Because chapters seven and eight detail how we can live by grace, the content of those chapters will be revisited again and again.

We suggest chapters one through eight be read first—in the order they are placed in the book. The order in which the remaining chapters are read is not important.