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Cain-likeness to Christ-likeness

This is a further study in living by grace through faith.  The Old Testament character of Cain - the first human to "inherit" the sin nature - is presented as a striking illustration of our "old man." It becomes clear that we can be changed from possessing the character traits of Cain to those of Jesus Christ. The final conclusion is that because of our union with Christ we can be transformed from Cain-likeness to Christ-likeness.

Table of Contents

Part 1 - Laying a Scriptural Foundation for Change

  • Cain-like by Natural Birth
  • Christ-like by God's Grace - Part 1
  • Christ-like by God's Grace - Part 2

Part 2 - Spiritual Changes We May Experience

  • Body-Consciousness to God-Consciousness
  • Initiation to Response
  • Competition to Compassion
  • Depression to Joy
  • Sinful Anger to Divine Patience
  • Stubbornness to Compliance
  • Hate and Malice to Forgiveness
  • Deceit to Honesty
  • Irresponsibility to Faithfulness
  • Self-Pity to Peace
  • Fear to Faith
  • Ambition to Meekness
  • Natural Virtues to Supernatural Virtues