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Assurance - You Can Know You're a Christian

by Dr. Gene Reynolds

Just as we all have “vital signs” indicating physical life we also have such signs indicating we are children of God. You can know for sure that you have been "born again." This approach to assurance is grounded in Scripture and serves as an encouragement to recognize the new nature, begin a life of willing obedience, confess Jesus Christ as Lord daily, and learn to love others through the power of the Holy Spirit within.

Table of Contents

  • I've Been There Myself
  • Basing Assurance on Just One Experience
  • Trying to "Feel" Saved
  • Learning the Vital Signs
  • A life Style of Willing Obedience
  • The Holy Spirit Within Us
  • Loving Other Christians
  • Recognizing Our New Nature
  • Confessing Jesus Christ as Lord
  • The Last Step- Confidence in God