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About David Kuykendall Ministries, Inc.

    David Kuykendall Ministries, Inc., begun by David Kuykendall and two friends for the purpose of spreading the “in Christ” truths of the New Testament, was recognized as a corporation by the state of Texas in 1997.

    In 1998 the Internal Revenue Service recognized David Kuykendall Ministries as a non-profit corporation.

    In addition to the three who began the corporation there are now six other board members. These members meet annually on the second Tuesday of February.

    It can be said that the actual beginning of the corporation can be placed in the year 1971.

    David Kuykendall, a Baptist pastor and the president of the corporation, had for 23 years prayed for God to give him the quality of life he had had as a teenager. In the year 1971 God began to restore him to that quality of life.

    By 1971 David had graduated from three Christian institutions. He and his wife Janie were the parents of four children and had served several churches as pastor. Yet David knew that there was a quality of life he had not experienced since he was a teenager.

    Twenty-three years of prayer for that quality of life had not brought the change he longed for. In deep despair he began to ask God to kill him if He could not change him.

    In a matter of a few days God began answering His prayer for change. He answered that prayer by teaching Him the “in Christ” truths of the New Testament. From the first day he saw the basic truth the changes began.

    He knew immediately that what God had shown him was the message needed by his fellow believers. He began immediately sharing the truths. Other than his wife few responded.

    Eight years later, in the year 1979, the Lord began opening the eyes of those he shared the truths with. In time the Lord led in the writing of books that had a relatively wide distribution. Testimonies were received of lives changed.

    At Kuykendall’s retirement from the pastorate the Lord led in the continuing of the spread of the “in Christ” truths through the formation of David Kuykendall Ministries, Inc.

    The Lord has confirmed the beginning of the corporation by giving an even wider spread of the central message of the corporation.

    David Kuykendall passed from this life to the next on July 17, 2014 at the age of 84.  David was very certain about his future with Jesus and completely unafraid about this passage.  He is now fully living the union with Christ he always taught and dreamed about.

    You may read David's obituary, published by The Baptist Standard, here.

    You may listen to an audio recording of David's memorial service, held August 3, 2014, here.

    In the weeks prior to his passing, David was encouraged by the board of the organization he founded, Living By Grace.  They made it clear his books, devotionals and website, that have helped so many thousands live by grace, will continue and expand. 

    Just as David’s life encouraged us, he was so grateful for the way God is at work in those who have received the message of Living by Grace and prayed for you often.