Living by Grace

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Unspoken Witnessing

O foolish Galatians! Who has bewitched you that you should not obey the truth, before whose eyes Jesus Christ was clearly portrayed among you as crucified?  Galatians 3:1

The Galatians had seen Christ crucified because Paul lived before them a crucified life. They surely must have been amazed at the quality of his life. He would not do things that they practiced. Because he lived the crucified life, he was filled with the Holy Spirit and the fruit of the Spirit. Since Paul had taught those who had been converted in Galatia how to live the crucified life, he was not the only person demonstrating the crucified life.

This verse makes it very clear that one’s life can be a powerful witness. Of course, one should not take the position that he should not give verbal witness because of this. Yet, if one’s life is a visible demonstration of the Christian life, his vocal witness will have far more power than it would without the silent witness.

A college student was approached by a fellow student that he knew had just been saved. The new believer said to the other student, “I was saved through the witness of four people.” As he listed the names of the four, he would touch another finger. As he called their names, the student knew each of them and was not surprised that they had influenced him to receive Jesus. When he touched the fourth finger, he said, “And you.” The student was shocked. He had never witnessed to the new convert. He then realized that his life had been a witness.

Three months after giving his life totally to the Lord, a young student graduated from high school and was hired at a plant where airplanes were built for the military. He worked with a crew of about 30 men. He was totally ignorant about how to be a verbal witness. He just walked with the Lord in his simple way. A few months after he went to work there, it seemed to him that throughout each day, every conversation he was in the men were talking about religious things. He believes that God had used him as a silent witness in that group of about 30 men.

May we all have such a silent witness in our contacts with others? When we experience our oneness with Christ, we will.