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Unknown and Yet Well Known

… in all things we commend ourselves as ministers of God … as unknown, and yet well known …  2 Corinthians 6:4, 9

These verses are part of a lengthy passage of Scripture that tells us the different ways Paul’s life gives evidence that he was a minister of God.

How could Paul’s life reveal that he was a servant of God by being both unknown and also well known?

Paul’s ministry was far-reaching. He preached to both Jews and Gentiles indicating that he was known by many. However, he was not talking about being known by multitudes of people. Rather, he was speaking about being known as a servant of God. It was the miraculous acts of God that accompanied his ministry and it was the divine quality of his life that made him well known. As a result, he was proven to be a servant of God.

There are millions of dedicated believers today who are not known by a large number of people but they are well known in their circle of acquaintances. They are well-known by Christians and non-Christians alike. Their divine quality of life and their unselfish service to others mark them as being servants of God.

When one lives out his union with Christ and experiences Christ as his life, others will be aware of that person’s divine quality of life and ministry. He will be known as a servant of God.

It is not of great importance how many people know believers whose lives mark them as ministries are of God. The most important thing is the divine quality of the believers’ lives and ministries wherever God has placed them. In the sovereignty of God only a few people are known by thousands. Most are known by just a few.

Consider some servants of God who have impacted relatively few—such as Sunday school teachers, deacons, Christian neighbors, fellow church members, and parents. From the standpoint of the world, they are unknown. From the standpoint of those they have influenced spiritually, they are well known as servants of God.

We will never know, in this life, how many people have been influenced by each of God’s servants. The most important thing is that each of God’s children be well known as a genuine servant of God.