Living by Grace

Dedicated to providing guidance in daily living through the power of God's grace as experienced in our union with Christ.

Spread Grace: Protect Your Church 

… looking carefully lest anyone fall short of the grace of God; lest any root of bitterness springing up cause trouble, and by this many become defiled …    Hebrews 12:15


The writer of Hebrews desires that every member of the church experience and spread the grace of God throughout the church. As the message of grace spreads through the church, protection spreads through the church.


According to verse 15, a church living by grace protects itself from the springing up of bitterness in the church. The verse shows that the church is headed for trouble when bitterness fills the heart of even one of its members.


Again in verse 15, the result of bitterness and the trouble it produces results in members becoming defiled. A bitter person can take others along with him and lead to great destruction in the church.


Verse 16 adds to the bad things that can happen to a church when it is not living by grace. We are to lead our churches to grace:


… lest there be any fornicator or profane person like Esau, who for one morsel of food sold his birthright.


It will be difficult for a lay member of the church to promote the message of grace if the pastor does not believe and experience it. On the other hand, it will be difficult for the pastor to bring the church to the life of grace without some members of the church assisting him in encouraging others to experience grace.


All of us who are experiencing the life of grace should make ourselves available to God for Him to use us in spreading the message. We will be a blessing to individuals and to our church. We will be instruments of protection for individuals and our churches.