Living by Grace

Dedicated to providing guidance in daily living through the power of God's grace as experienced in our union with Christ.

Speaking as the Learned 

"The Lord God has given Me The tongue of the learned, That I should know how to speak A word in season to him who is weary. He awakens Me morning by morning, He awakens My ear To hear as the learned.”      Isaiah 50:4

 These revealing words are clearly a prophecy of Jesus telling about the Father’s constant supply of words He will use to speak in teaching and conversing with others. 


Implied in these words is a revelation of Jesus’ life of response to the Father. His teaching and conversing with others were totally in response to the Father. In the Gospel of John, Jesus says that He does not initiate anything (John 8:28). He speaks only what the Father gives (John 8:26).


This approach of Jesus and His Father enables Him to speak as the learned or the educated.


Those who teach and preach follow this procedure all the time. God gives us something to say and we say it. We have even had rare experiences when the Father has given us words while we were in a conversation with someone. Jesus says that this happened constantly with Him. He never said anything except what the Father had given Him.


As in all other things, we can not expect to arrive at perfection in knowing what the Father is saying to us during every conversation or even in preparation for sermons or lessons. There is the possibility, though, that we could grow in having our hearts open at all times to the leadership of the Father.


Living in the heavenlies will be our best opportunity to receive the Father’s words.