Living by Grace

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In A Manner Worthy of the Saints

… that you may receive her in the Lord in a manner worthy of the saints …  Romans 16:2

Phoebe, a lady from the church in Cenchrea, either delivered Paul’s letter to the Romans or she was with those who did. Paul called Phoebe a servant of the church

In Romans 1:7 Paul called the members of the church of Rome “saints.” Now he is encouraging them to live up to that name

In Romans 16:2 Paul suggests that the church receive Phoebe “in a manner worthy of the saints” by giving her a warm welcome and by assisting her with any needs that she might have. 

A saint is a person that is set apart to God. When a saint lives like one, he lives a life of response to the leadership of God. The saint is open to God’s direction.

For the church at Rome living up to the name “saint” meant giving Phoebe a warm welcome and assisting her with her needs.

When Paul told the church to give Phoebe a warm welcome and assistance, he put a special burden n them. This surely would get their attention. Since they were saints, they were to live like saints.

It is common knowledge among sports fans that when athletes play for teams that have a reputation for being winners, the athletes elevate their play to a higher level.

Paul uses that same type of motivation with the Romans. The believers of the church at Rome were saints. Paul expected them to live as saints.

All believers are saints—God has separated us to Himself so that He might live out His desires through us. Now the burden of living like a saint is on us.

Paul uses the words “in the Lord” to introduce the idea of the Romans living up to the same “saint.”

The point is that believers live as saints as they live out their union with Christ in crucifixion, burial, and resurrection.