Living by Grace

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Help for Growth in Spiritual Knowledge 

I pray that you may be active in sharing your faith, so that you will have a full understanding of every good thing we have in Christ.  Philemon 1:6 (NIV)

New Testament scholars believe and teach that Paul wrote his letter to Philemon along with the letters to the Ephesians, Philippians, and Colossians while he was a prisoner in Rome. They are among the last letters that Paul wrote. He had reached a high level of spiritual maturity as a believer.


One theme stands out in each of these four “prison letters.” It is the theme of growing in spiritual knowledge. In many of Paul’s letters, he had to deal with erroneous teachings that had done much harm in the churches. In his letter to the Galatian believers, he expresses his deep grief that was caused by false teachings when he writes, “My little children, for whom I labor in birth again until Christ is formed in you.”  Galatians 4:19


In Philemon 1:6, Paul adds new understanding to growth in spiritual knowledge. He informs Philemon that he will have a full understanding of every good thing we have in Christ by sharing his faith.


How can we explain what Paul means? Everyone who is a continual witness to the unsaved—and the saved—has had revelations of new truth as he has shared the message of Christ. In addition, questions that people ask drive us to study the Scriptures to find answers. Searching the Scriptures results in a growth of understanding of what we have in Christ. 


When a believer has a passion to witness for Jesus, one outcome is a passion to know the Scriptures. This increases our spiritual knowledge.


When we live by grace, we are filled with the Holy Spirit who both prompts us to witness and to search the Scriptures. As we read and study the word, the Holy Spirit gives new revelations of the riches possessed by believers.