Living by Grace

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Destroyed for Lack of Knowledge

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge … Hosea 4:6

Many people who were destroying their lives with things such as drugs and alcohol have “come to themselves” like the prodigal son. Other people continue to believe they have found the ultimate in life in some carnal lifestyle and because of a lack of knowledge they are destroying themselves.

Think of the gifted God-loving person who lives in disappointment that he is not the person he should be. He has sin in his life that has troubled him for years. Nothing he has done has given him victory over that sin. A lack of knowledge has destroyed his opportunity to be the person he wants to be.

We know of gifted people who desire to have a successfully fruitful life for God. They do every thing they know to do. Yet, they realize their failure in touching lives for Jesus. A lack of knowledge has destroyed their passion to be productive for God.

Believers who live out their union with Christ can testify that spiritual growth and spiritual fruitfulness came into their lives when they understood and began to live out their oneness with Him.

Why are there so many God-loving and God-serving people who do not have the knowledge for Christian living that God has given to others?

There are likely more reasons for this lack of knowledge than any human knows. However, one reason is the lack of a desire to grow in spiritual knowledge. Without that desire one can reject new truth even though it is sound and obviously a biblical truth such as that of the believer’s oneness with Christ.

A far greater reason for one failing to have victory over sin or to reach his potential as a fruit-bearer for the Kingdom is the carnal atmosphere in which he lives. Far too many spiritual leaders leave the burden for spiritual growth and fruitfulness to the believer.

May God give us more spiritual leaders who will demonstrate and teach the New Testament message of our oneness with Christ.