Living by Grace

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Committed or Available?

And for their sakes I sanctify Myself, that they also may be sanctified by the truth.  John 17:19

Many of us have encouraged others to “dedicate” or “commit” themselves to the Lord—believing that “dedication” or “commitment” is the ultimate in Christian living.

However, neither word is ever used in that sense in the New Testament.

Important words in the New Testament describing a believer’s’ walk with God are “saint,” “holy,” “holiness,” “sanctify,” and “sanctification.” The basic meaning of each word is “set apart.” In total, these words are applied to believers almost a hundred times.

A few times we are told to “present” ourselves to God, but each time “present” is the translation of a word that means “to place beside.”

The conclusion of this word study is that the ultimate goal in a believer’s walk with God is “availability.”

Many times the New Testament encourages us to live by “faith.” One feature of living by faith is that of trusting God to show us what to do next—and that is availability.

In a Bible study someone said, “The New Testament does not teach commitment as the ultimate in a walk with God. It teaches availability.”

A man in supervision said, “In the secular world a person can be dedicated to his job without being available to his supervisor.” He went on to say, “A genuinely dedicated worker can come up with what he thinks is a better idea, even when it is not what his supervisor directed him to do.”

When this conversation was shared with another man in supervision, his immediate response was, “That is exactly right. When I interview a person for a job, the first thing I want to know is what is his availability to me.”

When we live out our union with Christ, we are available to God—and that is what God is looking for rather than commitment.